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Ground Green Beef Tripe
Ground Green Beef Tripe

Crudo Ground Green Beef Tripe

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***Please note this is not a complete diet***

Nutritious blocks of ground beef tripe.


Ground Beef Tripe (Stomach)

Customer Reviews

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Love the green tripe

It’s hard to find green tripe! I’m just happy that I have found Crudo!

Laurene Tsakiris
Best miracle gut cure-all

I give my pup this everyday at his early morning meal. It's the least stinkiest of all the tripe brands I've tried and fairly easy to handle. My guy likes it semi frozen which probably contributes alot to the loss of stink :) I'm pretty sure the addition of tripe in his diet has contributed to his ability to deal with eating random things from outside that would normally make him feel pretty sick.

Terry Li
Great food!

I mixed this with other raw food. My dogs just love it. The quality is pretty good and is easy to cut.Green trip is very healthy for dog's immune system and can assist in building healthy muscle. I definitely will give my dogs everyday.

Chrys Mac
Stinky but awesome

I usually will pop a block in the fridge for a couple hours so not enough to thaw them out and then use a large knife to chop each block into 8 cubes and pop into a ziploc in the freezer. I give my pup (~22lb) one cube a day with her food.
When it thaws it reeks. This way I can give it to her in "doses" and not have to deal with a super stinky fully thawed tripe mess in my fridge!

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