We will be make deliveries on Thanksgiving Monday, Oct 14th

What Our Customers are Saying

Your delivery service helped me save a lot of time and trips to the pet store. You guys rock!

Sherry L. from Langley, BC

SO CONVENIENT! As a working professional, I occasionally forget to get dog food. Your subscription service is a life-saver!

Nancy H. from North Vancouver, BC

I switched to feeding my dog raw food because of the information I read on your website. Your delivery service is a plus.

Will M. from Richmond, BC

Imagine carrying 44 pounds of frozen meat and taking the bus. I'm so happy that I found your company.

Ruth K. from Port Coquitlam, BC

My dog was having skin problems and on top of that she is a picky eater. The raw food that the staff recommended solved both problems. And their delivery person was very courteous too.

Mandeep S. from Surrey

Their service is just outstanding.

Dee Y.

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