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Bramblehill's Healthy Choice

Combining Bramblehill’s Healthy Choice premium raw dog food with raw bones daily, will provide the following benefits to your dog:

  • Hair and coat become softer, shinier, and healthier
  • Eyes brighten and clear up
  • Fluid in ears disappear
  • Teeth become whiter and stronger
  • Skin condition improves and often vanishes
  • Bad breathe and odour are minimized or disappear
  • Better metabolism—weight loss or gained
  • Stool reduces in size and become more biodegradable
  • Energy and vitality increase
  • Innate senses sharpen and tone
  • Heart and muscle mass strengthen organically
  • Immune system functions improve its ability to fight off disease and infections
  • Visits to the veterinary clinic may diminish as the body corrects itself organically and may reduce medical expenses over the course of your animal companion’s life

Eco Friendly Raw Dog Food

  • By changing your dog’s diet and giving him fresh, nutrient rich food that does not require further processing by cooking or heating, it reduces pet food waste, makes them healthier and reduces their carbon footprint

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The information provided here is not intended to replace regular veterinarian care.