About Us

Welcome to Modern Kibble!

Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize the way we feed our pets and educate our pet parents the benefits of feeding raw, natural, and organic. Hence our company name and our vision to make feeding unhealthy kibble a thing of the past.

Our Idea

We are a small but motivated company dedicated in sourcing pet food brands that are frozen raw, freeze-dried, dry/wet containing natural, and/or organic ingredients.

Our aim is to select brands that are made locally within British Columbia and within Canada, unless otherwise stated. The vendors we cooperate with shares the same passion and enthusiasm towards helping your pets live healthier and longer lives. 

Tastes Good to Give Back

Knowing that you are providing your furry family member(s) with healthy selections versus the traditional kibble, while at the same time, you are supporting Canadian businesses, local vendors, and local animal charities.

We donate 10% of our monthly profit or surplus foods to charities in need. If you would like to donate your order to your animal charity through us, we will match your donation so they will receive double the serving, YUM!

Our pets and the satisfaction of our pet parents are our top priority. And we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relationships. If there is something wrong with your order or if you have questions/comments, please contact us.