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Going Raw for Puppies and Cats

How much and often to feed your puppy

Don’t try and give your puppy his whole day’s ration at once.

Divide his daily ration into:

4 portions for puppies under 3 months old
3 portions for puppies between 3 and 6 months old
2 portions for 6 months to 1 year old.

Spread these meals out over the day at 3 to 4 hourly intervals.

Growing puppies should eat between 4% and 6% of their body weight (puppy’s weight x 0.05) of their body weight per day. This can be fed in portions listed above. Remember that every dog is different so you will need to watch your dog’s weight and condition and adjust the amount you feed once you see whether he is gaining or losing any weight.

Switching Your Cat Onto Raw Food

Cats are naturally suspicious of new foods, so be patient and realize that it may take a little time to complete the switch to a raw diet. Cats should be fed once or twice a day.  If you are free feeding kibble, your first step to switching to a raw diet should be to make meal times for your cat.

Some cats will take to raw right away and some will take some convincing. Try to test your cat’s interest by placing a small amount of raw food in with their regular food. If your cat takes to it you can begin adding more until you no longer include any kibble. If your cat avoids it, try mixing a small amount of raw food in with the regular food to disguise it and gradually add more and more. If your cat doesn’t take to raw right away, be patient - this does not mean that your cat will never eat raw, it just may take some time.

Once your cat is used to eating fresh, raw food you can begin to incorporate raw meaty bones like chicken wings and necks. If you feed raw meaty bones 3-4 times a week you will keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy. Following is a link to a great site that has a lot of information about feeding cats raw and many suggestions to make the switch:


The information provided here is not intended to replace regular veterinarian care.