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Chicken Formula - Modern Kibble

Chicken Formula

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Bone Ground In Poultry - Balanced Raw Meals for Cats

32 x 1.8oz (52g) mini patties

Meat ratio: 97% meat (28- 30% heart/liver) 3% egg yolk, vitamin E and salmon oil.

Ingredients: Chicken with Bone, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver, Dried Egg Yolk, Vitamin E, & Salmon Oil.

Serving Guidelines:

Adult:  Feed approximately 2.5% - 3.5% of body weight.

Pregnant or Lactating:  Feed approximately 4% - 6% of body weight.

Kittens (8 - 10 weeks):  Feed approximately 6% of body weight.

Kittens (11 weeks to 12 months):  Feed approximately 4% of body weight.


Feeding Chart


Weight Food Per Day Mini Patties
6lbs (2.3kg) 2.9oz (82g) 1.5
9lbs (4.1kg) 4.3oz (122g) 2.25
11-12lbs (5 - 5.5kg) 5.5oz (156g) 2.75
14-15lbs (6.4-6.8kg) 7oz (198g) 3.5
17-18lb's (7.7-8.2kg) 8.4oz (238g) 4.25