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Chicken w/ Veg - Modern Kibble
Chicken w/ Veg - Modern Kibble

Chicken w/ Veg

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Chicken w/ Veg

At irRAWsistible, our balanced meals for dogs contain 75% hormone free meats and 25% fruits, vegetables & supplements. All of our 2oz & 8oz patties go through an instant quick freeze process and are frozen in 10 minutes sealing in freshness.

Bone ground in Poultry

Available in:

  • 32 x 2oz (57g) mini patties
  • 12 x 8oz (227g) full patties
  • 10KG (22lb) FREEZER PACK (44 patties)

Meat ratio: 77% meat with ground bone / 23% fruit, veg & supplements. Calcium source: ground bone.

Ingredients: Chicken (with bone ground in), Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Apples, Romaine, Dehydrated Alfalfa, Eggs & Ground Flax.

Serving Guidelines:

Adult:  Feed approximately 2% of body weight
Pregnant or Lactating:  Feed approximately 4% - 5% of body weight
Puppies (8 - 10 weeks):  Feed approximately 6% of body weight 
Puppies (11 weeks to 12 months): Feed approximately 4% of body weight


Feeding Chart

Adult Dog Daily Feeding Guide
Weight Food Per Day Mini Patties Full Patties Food Per Day (Active) Mini Patties (Active) Full Patties (Active)
10lb (4.5Kg) 3.2oz (91g) 1.5 N/A 4oz (113g) 2 N/A
20lb (9.1Kg) 6.4oz (181g) 3.25 N/A 8oz (227g) 4 1
30lb (13.6Kg) 9.6oz (272g) 4.75 1.2 12oz (340g) 6 1.5
40lb (18.2Kg) 12.8oz (363g) 6.5 1.5 16oz (454g) 8 2
50lb (22.7Kg) 16oz (454g) 8 2 20oz (567g) 10 2.5
60lb (27.3Kg) 19.2oz (544g) 9.5 2.5 24oz (737g) 12 3
80lb (36.4Kg) 25.6oz (726g) 12.75 3.25 32oz (907g) 16 4
100lb (45.5Kg) 32oz (907g) 16 4 40oz (1.13Kg) 20 5
120lb (54.5Kg) 38.4oz (1.09Kg) 19.25 4.75 48oz (1.36Kg) 24 6