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3P Naturals VEGGIE BLENDS Tummy Tonic
3P Naturals VEGGIE BLENDS Tummy Tonic

3P Naturals VEGGIE BLENDS Tummy Tonic

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    • Helps address specific health issues 
    • Mix with raw, canned or kibble food 
    • Promotes good gut health 
    • Nutritionally dense  
    • Feed raw or cooked, can be boiled or steamed in bag (raw recommended)
    • 4-5 minutes in boiling water * cool product completely before serving 


    • Pumpkins seeds are high in essential  fatty acids and antioxidants  
    • Good source of beta-carotene  
    • Good source of soluble fiber and water content
    • Helps regulate both diarrhea and constipation


    • Gastrointestinal upset  
    • A couple of teaspoons can firm up diarrhea  
    • Can be used for constipation

    Ingredients: Pumpkin (includes seeds and skins)

    Why choose 3P Naturals?

    • Made in a HACCP Facility. 
    • We use only human grade or non-medicated meats. 
    • Made in small batches, not mass produced for complete quality control. 
    • CFIA certified food grade packaging. 
    • Diets created by a certified nutritionist. 
    • Our products allow you to design an appropriate meal  plan for your animals no matter the dietary needs they may have. 
    • Solution based products *Allergies, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Obesity 
    • Variety of proteins 
    • Highest standards in the industry 
    • Allows owners to create their own meal plan for their dogs specific needs 
    • Designed to be part of a rotational diet


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