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3P Naturals Chicken (Bone-In) with Vegetables

3P Naturals Chicken (Bone-In) with Vegetables (no organs)

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Why choose 3P Naturals?

  • Made in a HACCP Facility. 
  • We use only human grade or non-medicated meats. 
  • Made in small batches, not mass produced for complete quality control. 
  • CFIA certified food grade packaging. 
  • Diets created by a certified nutritionist. 
  • Our products allow you to design an appropriate meal  plan for your animals no matter the dietary needs they may have. 
  • Solution based products *Allergies, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Obesity 
  • Variety of proteins 
  • Highest standards in the industry 
  • Allows owners to create their own meal plan for their dogs specific needs 
  • Designed to be part of a rotational diet

75% meat, 25% veg

Ingredients: Whole Chicken, bok choy, squash, chard, parsnip and yams.

  Daily Food Intake

for Puppies (under 1 year) (in grams)

Weight Age: 2-4 months Age: 4-6 months Age: 6-12months
5lb 100g 75g 62.5g
10lb 200g 150g 125g
15lb 300g 225g 187.5g
20lb 400g 300g 250g
25lb 500g 375g 312.5g
30lb 600g 450g 375g
35lb 700g 525g 437.5g
40lb 800g 600g 500g
45lb 900g 675g 562.5g
50lb 1000g 750g 625g
55lb 1100g 825g 687.5g
60lb 1200g 900g 750g
65lb 1300g 975g 812.5g
70lb 1400g 1050g 875g
75lb 1500g 1125g 937.5g
80lb 1600g 1200g 1000g
85lb 1700g 1275g 1062.5g
90lb 1800g 1350g 1125g
95lb 1900g 1425g 1187.5g
100lb 2000g 1500g 1250g
Weight Daily Food Intake

for Adult Dogs (over 1 year) (in grams)

5lb 50g
10lb 100g
15lb 150g
20lb 200g
25lb 250g
30lb 300g
35lb 350g
40lb 400g
45lb 450g
50lb 500g
55lb 550g
60lb 600g
65lb 650g
70lb 700g
75lb 750g
80lb 800g
85lb 850g
90lb 900g
95lb 950g
100lb 1000g

*If your dog's weight does not appear on this chart, please email for more details. Miniatures and giant breeds often have special dietary needs.

**All portions are approximate suggestions, please email for free nutritional counselling for your pet.


Customer Reviews

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Diana LeClair
3Ps chicken and veggies

Initially our dog had some digestive issues but they did not recur after the third day. I would purchase again.

The information provided here is not intended to replace regular veterinarian care.