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Dehydrated/ Freeze Dried Raw

Travelling or no freezer space at home?
Don't let that stop you from feeding raw to your pets! 
Check out these #raw-licious brands below:
*** If you are travelling to the USA, please see below and always check with US Customs and Border Services for updates on pet food regulations prior to your trip. If you are travelling internationally, please research about your destination's pet regulations. Modern Kibble is not responsible for any out-of-date information and cannot be held accountable.***
  • Pet food containing lamb, sheep, or goat meat is prohibited.
  • Only 50 lbs. or less is allowable through United States land border ports of entry and 20 lbs. or less is allowable through airports or seaports of entry.
  • Containers of pet food must be sealed (never opened) in commercial packaging and must be shelf stable (not needing refrigeration.)
  • Labels on pet food packaging must clearly list the ingredients and country of origin.
  • Only pet food manufactured in Canada or the United States is allowable.
Sourced for: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/637/~/pet-food-from-canada

Smack for Cats